Djuena Tikuna
Djuena Tikuna is one of the biggest references in indigenous music in the country. In 2017, the artist made history by becoming the first indigenous woman to produce and star in a musical show at Teatro Amazonas, where she released the album Tchautchiüãne. He participated in musical campaigns such as “Amazonia” and “Demarcação Já”.

Djuena is the 1st indigenous journalist trained in the Amazon and also a documentary filmmaker with a focus on the musicality of indigenous peoples. As a cultural producer, she held the first Indigenous Music Exhibition – WIYAE, marking indigenous culture in the State of Amazonas. The following year, Djuena Tikuna was one of the artists invited to Sonora Brasil, the largest project with national circulation promoted by SESC. That same year, the artist also released her second authorial work “Wiyaegü”, with which she toured Europe briefly.

During the Covid 19 pandemic, the artist joined several campaigns to contribute to indigenous families. In August 2022, he launched the work Torü Wiyaegü at Teatro Amazonas, consisting of a book, an album and a short film, sponsored by the Natura Musical public notice and by GIZ - German International Cooperation Agency and Magüta Museum.
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