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About the project
An initiative that seeks to value and promote indigenous art for society.

Through collaboration, education and technology, the INDIGENA.ART project will support indigenous artists to create and market their own NFTs.

Be part of this artistic movement and strengthen the expression and culture of Brazilian indigenous peoples.
How it works
Web 3.0 training
We help indigenous artists with training on creating and selling NFTs.
Curation and Sales
Artists provide artwork for NFTS creation and sale in the collaborative collection, without additional commissions.
Operational Support
Expert support for art buyers and gallerists and technical support for artists.
Artists and NFTs
Acelino Sales
Artist Huni Kuin from the state of Bom Jesus village, Jordão river, district of Jordão in the municipality of Tarauacá, state of Acre.
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Brisa Flow
Raised in Brazil, the brown Araucanian artist Brisa Flow builds sounds from the experience of her body in the world, creating paths that detach from the ties of coloniality.

Her music is an encounter with the Earth's energies. She develops artistic aesthetics through the practice and research of singing that weaves memories, through rap, sound installation.
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Diego Yawalapiti
Diego Yawalapiti is a Brazilian indigenous artist who resides in the Xingu Indigenous Territory, located in the state of Mato Grosso. He is known for his talent in photography, an art that he has loved since childhood.

From an early age, Diego was encouraged by his family and community to express his creativity and share indigenous culture with the world. He found in photography a way to show the life and traditions of his people, documenting landscapes, rituals, and daily life in the village.
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Djuena Tikuna
Djuena Tikuna is one of the biggest references in indigenous music in the country. In 2017, the artist made history by becoming the first indigenous woman to produce and star in a musical show at Teatro Amazonas, where she released the album Tchautchiüãne. He participated in musical campaigns such as “Amazonia” and “Demarcação Já”.

Djuena is the 1st indigenous journalist trained in the Amazon and also a documentary filmmaker with a focus on the musicality of indigenous peoples. As a cultural producer, she held the first Indigenous Music Exhibition – WIYAE, marking indigenous culture in the State of Amazonas. The following year, Djuena Tikuna was one of the artists invited to Sonora Brasil, the largest project with national circulation promoted by SESC. That same year, the artist also released her second authorial work “Wiyaegü”, with which she toured Europe briefly.

During the Covid 19 pandemic, the artist joined several campaigns to contribute to indigenous families. In August 2022, he launched the work Torü Wiyaegü at Teatro Amazonas, consisting of a book, an album and a short film, sponsored by the Natura Musical public notice and by GIZ - German International Cooperation Agency and Magüta Museum.
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Edivan Guajajara
Edivan dos Santos Guajajara Born on September 27, 1987, Son of Edinan dos Santos and Marly Gomes Rodrigues Guajajara. Coming from a traditional family of the Guajajara indigenous people, Edivan dedicated a good part of his life to music, playing in nightclubs and dances. At the age of 14 he showed a great talent for music, teaching himself to play a keyboard instrument, soon after he began to dedicate himself to photography at the age of 19, he began to take his first images with his cell phone.

Shortly after, he participated in an audiovisual workshop - a project called "Coisa de Índio Brazilian soul", which opened doors for his work as a photographer and filmmaker of the indigenous people. an indigenous territory with more than 413 thousand (ha) edivan is also a member and creator of Mídia India, it is a network of indigenous communicators that gave visibility to the struggles of indigenous peoples, started with the other members, Erisvan Bone de Sousa Guajajara and Ronilson Lima Guajajara, Edivan is an indigenous activist who takes photography as a tool that can give visibility to the struggle of a people.
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Maybí Machacalis
Meet Maybí, a 28-year-old indigenous artist from the Cerrado and Mata Atlântica regions. Through her beautiful drawings, Maybí expresses her deep emotional connection with the diverse life forms that exist in these two biomes. Her art captures the essence of the flora and fauna of these unique ecosystems and serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving and protecting them for future generations. With every stroke of her pencil, Maybí invites us to appreciate and celebrate the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of her ancestral lands.
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Paulo Desana
Paulo Desana is an Indigenous Videographer and Photographer and is in charge of Dabukuri Entretenimento, a production company that produces audiovisual and visual art material about Indigenous culture, in partnership with Journalist Ana Amélia and Indigenous communicator Daniella Yepá, Paulo produced the photos about Food and Climate Change the article was selected in the 14th Call for MicroBolsas by the Noticias A Pública agency.

He was the Director of Photography for the Mini Documentary Ciência e Culinária (Cooking and Science) about the Maniuara ant in the culture of the Hupdas Peoples, he worked as a cameraman in the Documentary Cobra Canoa, and in the short Fiction Wuitina Numiá (Girls Courage), the short was awarded at the Festival de Cine Independente de San Antonio in Ecuador as the best Short Film of 2022, Paulo was also a cameraman for the Documentary O Dabucuri, both produced by Shine a Light (USA)/Usina Da Imaginação (Brazil).

The Pamürimasa Photographic Project (The Spirits of Transformation) was on display at the TEPI Virtual Platform. As a Photographer Paulo works as a collaborator for the news agency Amazônia Real.
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Rita Hunikuin
Rita Huni Kuin was born in the Chico Curumim Village, Kaxinawá Indigenous Land of the Rio do Jordão, in Acre. Since the age of nine, she has lived in the municipality of Jordão, where she came to study. She is a pedagogue, visual artist, and communicator. Her paintings (acrylic on canvas) depict the cultural worldview, traditional songs, and colonial stories of the Huni Kuin people. She is a co-founder of the Huni Kuin youth group, Kayatibu, and the women's crafts group, Aibu Keneya. She is also the secretary of the Aibu Daya institutio
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Takumã Kuikuro
Filmmaker, member of the Kuikuro indigenous village, currently living in the Ipatse village, in the Xingu Indigenous Park. Takumã is recognized nationally and internationally for his films, having been awarded by the festivals: Festival de Gramado, Festival de Brasília do Cinema Brasileiro, Olhar de Cinema, Jornada Internacional de Cinema da Bahia, Ethnographic Documentary Film Festival, Festival Presence Autochtone de Terres in See.

In 2017, he received the honorary “Queen Mary University London Scholarship” award. And he was, in 2019, the first indigenous juror of the Festival de Cinema Brasileiro de Brasília, 2022 creator of the 1st Festival of Cinema and Indigenous Culture and honoring the 4th International Festival of Ethnographic Film of Pará.
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Yaka Huni Kuin
I'm Yaka Huni Kuin, I was born in Aldeia Chico Curumim, Kaxinawa Indigenous Land of Rio Jordão, in the state of Acre. I currently live in the municipality of Jordão, where I came to study. I'm a visual artist and a forest apprentice. I paint on canvas (acrylic on canvas). My art brings the cosmovision, traditional songs and visions with Nixi Pae (ayahuasca), which are knowledge of the Huni Kuin people.

I am a co-founder of the Kayatibu Cultural Center and my works were recently exhibited in the exhibition "Moquém_Surarî: contemporary indigenous art" at the Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo (MAM). I am currently part of the exhibition "Les Vivans" at the Cartier Foundation, France.
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Yaku Urku
Yaku Runa Simi is a multilingual indigenous artivist of hybrid origin, born in Salta, Argentina, belonging to the Quechua ethnicity. He currently lives in Brazil. His life experience and artistic creations refer to the Andean indigenous cosmology and the native peoples of Abya Yala. His paintings denote the beauty, strength, and struggles of the native peoples of these territories. He has exhibited several artistic works throughout Brazil, both in painting and other art forms.
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Ziel Karapotó
Indigenous from the Karapotó ethnic group, from the Terra Nova community - AL. She has been working since 2012 in the field of visual arts, performance, installation, curatorship, art education and audiovisual. He holds a degree in Visual Arts from the Federal University of Pernambuco – UFPE and is currently a visiting researcher at IHAC / UFBA. In his research, he addresses indigenous poetics, identity configurations and racism on indigenous ethnicities, especially on indigenous peoples in the Northeast.

He believes in the art, science of his ancestors and his body-spirit as a tool of resistance and anti-colonial strength. He integrates the research projects Culture of Anti-Racism in Latin America (CARLA - UFBA and University of Manchester) and Indigenous Science and Art in the Northeast (CAIN/UFPE) and is General Coordinator of the Association of Indigenous People in Urban Context Karaxuwanassu - ASSICUKA.
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