Edivan Guajajara
Edivan dos Santos Guajajara Born on September 27, 1987, Son of Edinan dos Santos and Marly Gomes Rodrigues Guajajara. Coming from a traditional family of the Guajajara indigenous people, Edivan dedicated a good part of his life to music, playing in nightclubs and dances. At the age of 14 he showed a great talent for music, teaching himself to play a keyboard instrument, soon after he began to dedicate himself to photography at the age of 19, he began to take his first images with his cell phone.

Shortly after, he participated in an audiovisual workshop - a project called "Coisa de Índio Brazilian soul", which opened doors for his work as a photographer and filmmaker of the indigenous people. an indigenous territory with more than 413 thousand (ha) edivan is also a member and creator of Mídia India, it is a network of indigenous communicators that gave visibility to the struggles of indigenous peoples, started with the other members, Erisvan Bone de Sousa Guajajara and Ronilson Lima Guajajara, Edivan is an indigenous activist who takes photography as a tool that can give visibility to the struggle of a people.
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